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The pioneer of chinese premium SUV

I use my surname to name a car But fame is not my goal For one who acts with propriety complacency cannot be an option Because I believe possibilities never end People call it modesty, yet rather it could be out of self-protection But this time I decide to stand in front of all, leaving no room for retreat gambling all that I have and treasure on it I become stricter and harsher, even a bit unreasonable People say I`m very demanding absorbed in details of all sorts But I know to achieve what I dream of I must practice all that I preach WEY is not simple a car, it represents pioneers Starting from WEY, luxury will not be ostentations Starting from WEY, safety will be the prerequisite of luxury Starting from WEY, luxury will be felt and possessed by more Practice speaks louder and it is everything of WEY Determined, we lead the way