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The Pioneer of Chinese Premium SUV

“I name a car after my surname not for being famous for it. It’s hard for me, with sense of decency, to be complacent because I always think I haven’t achieved my full potential yet. People say I am modest, but in fact, I just keep a low profile.

This time, I decide to be on the front line of developing a new car without all escape routes and any means of retreat, that drives me to be rigorous on all things I work on, some people think I am too attentive to all the details in order to chase perfection relentlessly, but I realize that whatever one does should be done thoroughly due to devils hiding out in the detail.

WEY is not only a car, but also a game changer. With the birth of WEY, luxury is no longer a symbol of ostentatious wealth. With the birth of WEY, safety becomes everything for luxury. From the birthday of WEY on, luxury becomes accessible to more people, that’s the concept this car is designed based on and also the message I, a pioneer, hereby send to people.”

- Jack Wey, Founder of WEY