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WEY brand models

5 models and 1 concept vehicle under the WEY brand: concept vehicle X-EV; hybrid powered P8, VV7-Hi4 and VV5-Hi4; traditional petrol-powered VV7 and VV5.

Concept vehicle:

XEV: The internal and external shape embodies both modern and future design elements, perfectly following the principle of aerodynamics, to reduce the wind resistance and energy consumption of the vehicle. The super large interior space and the classic affordable luxury home style result in the perfect combination of people and car.

Traditional petrol-powered vehicles:

VV7: interprets the luxury and safe ideologies of WEY brand and is devoted to creating an all-round safe driving system. It is equipped with the Collie intelligent safety system and applied multiple safety technologies covering passive safety, intelligent safety and technological safety. In addition to a more comfortable driving experience, it also creates a safe cabin for passengers and allows them to enjoy the all-round safeguard in every detail.

VV5: integrates science, technology and safety and is equipped with the new-type 4C20NT engine. It is targeted at younger drivers, those who are pursuing a higher quality of life as well as those who are simply enjoying life and living in the moment.

Hybrid powered vehicles:

P8: the first PHEV under WEY brand which applies the industry-leading PLUG-in intelligent 4WD technology to provide users with quiet and stable driving experience, whilst combining the thrill of superior performance.

VV7-Hi4: Equipped with Hi4--48V P4 technology and updated power of VV7.

VV5-Hi4: Equipped with Hi4--48V P4 technology and updated power of VV5.