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Extraordinary NVH standard

Extraordinary NVH control system filters the outside vibration and noise to create a quiet and comfortable interior environment for you.

Sound-proof glass

The front windshield and front door glass are made of high-quality soundproof glass, and at 0.76mm thick sound insulation film is used to effectively enhance the sound insulation performance of sound in the 2000-6000Hz frequency range.

Mechanical spraying of environmental-friendly water-based damping glue

Robots instead of human are used to enhance the uniformity of spraying, and water-based acrylic environmental-friendly materials instead of conventional asphalt materials are used to achieve a weight reduction of about 4.5Kg and reduce the VOC of the vehicle as a whole.

3-layer sealing tapes for car door

The door is fitted with three layers of sealing tape. The sealing tapes are installed on the body, the interior casing of the door, and the lower part of the door to enhance the quietness inside the car and effectively isolate the noise from the chassis. Meanwhile, soil and dirt from the external environment is isolated at the bottom of the vehicle.