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HD media streaming wide-angle rearview mirror

The car is equipped with a 1.3 million pixel HD streaming electronic rearview mirror - this increases the field of vision by up to 300% of ordinary rearview mirrors. It is also equipped with ultra wide-angle camera rearview mirrors, with the visual angle of up to 80°.

Blind spot reduction

The car is equipped with a best in class1.3 million pixel HD streaming electronic rearview mirror that is complemented with an ultra wide-angle camera.

Real-time transmission

Its intelligent rearview mirror is designed based on the traditional rearview mirror. A high definition camera is installed on the rear window of the car, the images captured by the camera are transmitted to the image processing system in real time.

Wide field of view

Due to the use of the rear camera, compared with the traditional rearview mirror display function, the intelligent rearview mirror can display the images with a wider field of vision, approximately 3 times that of the traditional rearview mirror. The images displayed are still clear when the external light dim. Meanwhile, the camera is not affected by the blockage to the driver’s sight caused by the headrest and other items.