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VV7 intelligent technology experience

When you connect with WEY’s smart intelligence, the journey leading to the world of imagination becomes real. WEY intelligent interconnection technology makes a car no longer just a car.


All series of cars are equipped with telematics, which has three major functions, i.e., remote control, daily service and road rescue. The users control the vehicle through the remote APP, this also allows the user to adjust the internal environment of the vehicle in advance, monitor the vehicle status and improve the riding comfort of the vehicle.


Your mobile phone can be connected to the A/V system of the car via Carlife, allowing you access to map navigation, music and phone functions. Carlife also supports third-party service access to enhance the versatility of the A/V system. You can also enjoy high-quality audio output, from now on, you can enjoy the driving experience with your mobile phone connected to the car!

Infinity audio

The Infinity audio of the car uses the Logic 7® surround sound system. Its sound-surround ambiance allows the passengers to enjoy the excellent audio effect similar to the experience at a theater.

12.3-inch full-color digital automobile virtual dashboard

All series of cars are equipped with 12.3-inch full-color digital automobile virtual dashboards, which are the best in class. With integrated on-board information and a variety of modes, the dashboard allows you to enjoy the security and convenience brought to you by the intelligent technology during the whole journey.

9-inch full-color screen with central control

The 9-inch full-color screen uses a 1280X720 HD display screen with central control and the maximum brightness of 790cd/m². Its anti-glare function helps reduce the driver’s visual fatigue.