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12.3-inch full-color HD digital dashboard

Compared with the traditional mechanical dashboard, the 12.3-inch HD digital dashboard can display more information, provides a variety of themes and a comfortable instrument and driving combination.

High-definition dashboard

The LCD screen resolution of 1440 * 540 and the independent graphics and functional processing result in clearer graphics and a more smooth display.

Multiple optional styling modes

Under the classical mode, the double round dial is designed to be aligned with the air outlet of the air conditioner, so that the cockpit looks more coordinated and greatly improving the driving pleasure; under the fashion mode, the digital indication of vehicle speed and rotational speed substitutes the traditional pointer indicators and gives a full sense of science and technology; under the dynamic mode, the visual impact is more vivid during acceleration and gear shift. Combined with the driving mode switch-ability, this mode enhances the dynamic effect of the vehicle.