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Environmentally friendly driving space

With the use of new environmentally friendly materials, also coupled with AQS, the car is safer and more environmental than any other vehicles in same class and provides a unique healthy driving experience for you.

AQS (Air Quality System)

AQS detects the air quality in the air inlet of the air conditioner in real time through the on-board air detection equipment and automatically switches between the internal and external air circulation state to optimize air flow and quality in the cabin.

DAAC (Dual-zone Automatic Air Conditioning)

The vehicle is equipped with DAAC. The system can automatically calculate the optimal air volume through the external temperature, sunlight intensity, interior temperature, engine coolant temperature, panel setting temperature and other parameters, to automatically switch the internal and external air circulation on.

PM2.5 air-conditioning filter

In severe haze, when the external circulation opens, it can rapidly filter PM2.5 to greatly improve the air quality, provide fresh air to passengers in the car and keep out toxins from the haze.