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Passionate driving experience

The car is equipped with the new 2.0T turbocharged direct injection engine, the self-developed 7-speed dual-wet clutch transmission, as well as high-performance SUV chassis and large wheel hub, which combined, offers a passionate driving experience.

New generation 2.0T engine

Maximum power: 145kW @ 5200-5500rpm; peak torque: 355N•m @ 2000-3200rpm The engine makes rapid responses, so the low torque output is robust and the power reserve is always sufficient.

Electronically controlled turbocharger

The high precision control of an electronically controlled turbocharger technology allows for a markedly improved responsiveness. The low speed torque of the engine is improved and the fuel consumption of the engine is reduced to meet the requirements of the engine under different working conditions.

Self-developed 7-speed dual-wet clutch transmission

The dual-wet clutch 7-speed gearbox which is independently developed by the international expert team of GWM has achieved the same level as leaders in this industry. It is characterized by high reliability and mature technology. The 7-speed gear will optimize the engine, which effectively reduces the fuel consumption and maintains the driving force for the next operation at any time.

Multiple optional driving modes

In the movement mode, headlights are on, engine idling speed is increased, the gearbox delays the next upshift, and the dynamic response is active; In the standard mode, the engine works well with the gearbox, gear shift is active; In the economic mode, the throttle sensitivity is reduced and the gear shift speed is further reduced. This enables the vehicle to be kept in the most economical state and vehicle fuel consumption is reduced to the minimum.