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Intelligent driving assistant system

P8 inherits the concept of luxury and safety of WEY and is committed to providing a comprehensively safe driving environment. The intelligent driving assistant system adds to the vehicle’s safety features.

HD streaming wide-angle rearview mirror

The intelligent rearview mirror transmits the images captured by the camera to the image processing system in real time. Its field of view is approximately 3 times that of a conventional traditional rearview mirror.

360° panoramic viewing system

The 360° panoramic viewing system captures the images of the environment around the vehicle and synthesizes the images into a 360° panoramic view through the controller. It can reduce driver’s blind spot and improve overall viability of the vehicle in narrow roads and assist driver with parking.

Semi-automatic parking assistance

It can help the car automatically identify parking spaces and park through horizontal and vertical maneuvers. It turns to be easy, intelligent and safe with the parking assistant.

DSM (Driver State Monitoring)

When driver is in fatigue state, the system will timely warn the driver via an audible or graphical alarm.