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Collie intelligent safety system

The Collie intelligent security system, named after the loyal and quick-witted collie, protects the passengers, pedestrians as well as the vehicle. It allows you to monitor the vehicle status in real time and collaborates with many electronic systems and body components for a safe trip.

13 components of major active safety configuration
ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)

The ACC system can free your foot from the accelerator pedal while maintaining the vehicle at the preset speed. In the event the vehicle in front is traveling at a speed below the preset cruise speed, your vehicle will adjust accordingly to follow under the preset safe distance setting.

FCW (Forward Collision Warning)

The FCW system can monitor the front vehicle by radar to judge the distance from it, its position and relative speed. It also can warn the driver from potential collision.

AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking)

The AEB system uses radar to measure the distance from the front vehicle or obstacle and then compares the measured distance with the warning distance and safe distance through the data analysis module. When the measured distance is less than the safe distance, the AEB system will start to automatically brake even if the driver does not have time to step on the brake pedal.

LKA (Lane Keeping Aid)

LKA system can help driver automatically correct the deviation from the lane, monitor the position of the vehicle in the lane and warn the driver by flash lamp on the dashboard and warning sounds.

LDW (Lane Departure Warning)

The LDW system is a system that assists driver away from traffic accidents due to land departure by alarming.

LCA (Lane Change Assistance)

The blind spot monitoring system can detect the blind spot in adjacent lanes, discover fast approaching vehicles (as far as 70m) earlier. Driver will be warned while it is dangerous to change lanes. It can avoid collision with the vehicles in the blind area and severe cut-in lane accidents.

CTA (Cross Traffic Alert)

The CTA system detects both sides of the lane as the vehicle is reversing. Driver will be warned by sound/visual tips in case of a risk of collision. It also has the optional function of autobrake to avoid collision.

BSD (Blind Spot Detection)

The BSD system can monitor an area that is difficult for driver to see by radar sensor.

360° Panoramic viewing system

It collects the images of vehicle's surrounding environment via 4 wide-angle cameras, providing consumers with a intuitive driving experience, in order to improve driving safety.

Semi-automatic parking assistance

It can free the driver from manual parking, making parking much easier.

DSM (Driver State Monitoring)

It can sense and warn fatigue driver, helping ensure safety during longer trips.

HD streaming wide-angle rearview mirror

It can reduce the blind spot of the rear view and enlarge the drivers field of vision, to improve driving safety.

Door open warning system

This system can warn via sound or optical lighting when you open the door during to avoid possible accidents.