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3DP (passenger-pedestrian-vehicle protection) system

The “3DP” design refers to the 3D protection design (the all-round protection design for passengers, pedestrians as well as the vehicle)

Passenger safety:

During impact of a collision, the reaction of topological optimization of key components in the front and rear deformation energy absorption zones as well as in the passenger compartment has achieved the highest domestic standard in crash test safety. The 6 air bags and pre-crash seatbelt restraint system protects the passengers in comprehensive way.

Pedestrian protection:

By optimizing the engine room arrangement and front bumper, cover and windscreen wiper, it can minimize the injury to pedestrian’s leg and head and meet the pedestrian protection laws and regulations on and the requirements of Ncap.

Vehicle Safety:

when car crash at 15 km/h below,because of optimizing the design of struture,the main structure remains intact, minimum the damage.